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Inspired By Marchegiani Cuisine.

As Seen Featured In The


A Book That Embodies 
Preserving Traditional
Italian Cuisine.


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My Story

As a child, every school holidays I would look forward to a cooking day with Nonna and my two sisters, Isabella and Christina. We would get dropped off around 10 o'clock in the morning and spend the whole day learning how to cook, eat lunch and in the afternoon we would for a walk down the River Torrens to digest, followed by Nonna buying us ice cream from the local deli. This is one of my fondest childhood memories and inspired me to create this cookbook to create and share my Nonna's recipes with my own family someday.

This cookbook is dedicated to our beautiful Nonna who we cherish so dearly. May her love, elegance and generosity be forever present at our dinner tables and in our hearts.


La Cucina di Alberta

$ 49.99

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